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Chopok is the second highest peak on the main ridge of the Low Tatras (2024 meters above sea level), between Deres and Konske peaks. From the south side it is possible to see boulder field and from the north sheer rock faces with numerous troughs, which on the northeast lead to the basin of Lukova dolina with its mountain lake and sediment. You can reach it easily with a chair-lift from Srdecko (Bystra Dolina). The other possible way goes from Demanovska dolina. There is „Kamenna chata pod Chopkom“ ( the Stone chalet under Chopok peak) close to the peak, television and meteorolody station. An average skiing season takes 120 days here. The skiing center is well-supplied with ski-tows and maintained downhill skiing courses.

Chopok and Ďumbier

  Accommodation Jasná
2 km
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  Accommodation Demänovská Dolina
9 km